Fidia Farmaceutici announces opening of new subsidiary in Germany

An additional step in the Company's internationalization plan

The Italian multinational company Fidia Farmaceutici, a global leader in R&D and production of innovative hyaluronic acid-based treatments, has recently announced the opening of a new subsidiary in Germany. The subsidiary is located in Monheim at the Rhine, which is renowned for headquartering major pharmaceutical companies in Germany. Run by Dr. Mark Geißler, General Manager, Fidia Pharma GmbH will initially focus on the viscosupplementation for synovial joints and advanced wound care areas, through products containing hyaluronic acid.

Fourth in the Group, in addition to Italian headquarters and the US and Kazak subsidiaries, Fidia Pharma GmbH represents an additional step in the company's internationalization plan.
"The German Pharma market - fourth in terms of global value after USA, Japan and China, ranks between first and second place in Europe - says Giorgio Foresti, CEO of Fidia Farmaceutici -. These data are enough to emphasize the strategic importance of a direct presence in Germany. A presence intended to grow further in the future. We are also confident that a higher penetration of Fidia's products in the European market and a more direct, stronger connection with our stakeholders will contribute to the spreading and widening of Italian research and industrial excellence worldwide".

"The German market for viscosupplementation is one of the biggest in Europe, and in this market we will start our activities. Here, we will launch the latest innovation of Fidia's intra-articular product portfolio (Hymovis), with a new approach of this therapy. Within the Wound Care segment, we will have the possibility to create and develop a new market, since hyaluronic acid is seldom used for wound care in Germany. Altogether, we expect to have very good opportunities to create a successful new business for Fidia." - has in turn affirmed Mark Geißler, General Manager of Fidia Pharma GmbH.

Fidia Farmaceutici sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide, thanks to license and distribution agreements and partnerships. In addition, it has a direct presence in USA (since 2011) and in Kazakhstan (since 2011). R&D and production activities of Fidia's products (drugs and medical devices) are all carried out in Italy, at headquarters in Abano Terme and at the Local R&D Unit in Noto (Sicily).

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Key Business Areas

Fidia operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific, innovative treatments for commonly occurring pathologies with major socio-economic impact, namely:

- joint care
- ophthalmology
- active wound care
- neuroscience
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