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Fidia adheres to the "Responsible Care" Programme the world chemical industry's voluntary programme, through which national federations, on behalf of enterprises, commit to the continuous improvement of their products, processes and behaviour in the field of Safety, Health and the Environment

This commitment is achieved by adopting the following Guiding Principles:
a) The Company ensures that:
  • its commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment is in line with the Guiding Principles and that it becomes an inherent part of the company's general policy;
  • both Management and Employees are aware of this commitment and are involved in pursuing the goals and in raising awareness of the results reached.
b)The Company, when carrying out its production and commercial activities:
  • respects current law provisions and promotes the adoption of criteria, rules, procedures and behaviour that can improve services, cooperating with national and international institutions to contribute to Sustainable Development;
  • assesses the current and potential impact of their activities and products on Health, Safety and the Environment;
  • collaborates with the cognisant institutions in defining and drawing up procedures and behaviour to improve their services.
c) Through appropriate awareness, information and training activities, the company ensures the involvement of Human Resources and Trade Union Organisations in applying the Responsible Care® Programme.
d) The Company communicates the policy, objectives and evaluation of the results to Stakeholders in a transparent way; moreover, the ompany informs customers on how to use, transport and dispose of its products and encourages them to adopt a policy which is in line with the Guiding Principles.
e) The Company believes that, when selecting Suppliers, it is important to ensure that same adopt a similar commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.
f) The Company is also committed to:
  • optimising the use of the natural resources;
  • minimising the production of waste and delivering it to the most appropriate recovery and/or disposal plants;
  • reducing the impact of its emissions into the internal and external environment.
g) Within the context of Research and Development, the Company promotes Health, Safety and Environment activities with the aim of developing safer processes and products that have a reduced impact on the environment.
h) The Company is committed to working with the other companies in the Programme, sharing experiences in order to favour the application of the Guiding Principles.
i) The Company periodically checks that the Guiding Principles are applied in its organisation.
Adherence to the Programme will lead to continually work towards the adoption of sustainable manufacturing, with growing awareness for global environmental issues.


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Fidia Farmaceutici has a specific module dedicated to Pharmaco-Vigilance in order to promptly reporting of suspected adverse reactions. If you suspect that you have had an adverse reaction while taking one of our products or you have found defects

Key Business Areas

Fidia operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific, innovative treatments for commonly occurring pathologies with major socio-economic impact, namely:

- joint care
- ophthalmology
- active wound care
- neuroscience
- aesthetic medicine