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Fidia farmaceutici S.p.A. operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific treatments for commonly occurring pathologies with serious social repercussions.

Joint care

The field of joint disorders is one of the areas in which Fidia has been active longest: over 50 years of research into hyaluronic acid have placed the company at the forefront in research, technological development, production and economic turnover, not only in Italy but worldwide.

Since normal joint movement involves maintenance of healthy cartilage and tendons, Fidia's commitment has been to identify innovative and integrated solutions in the prophylaxis and treatment of cartilage and tendon pathologies, with different approaches: peri-articular therapy (both oral and topical) and intra-articular therapy (injections of hyaluronic acid), thus offering an exciting array of therapeutic option to the treatment of osteoarthritis and cartilage damage.

Wound Care

Hyaluronic acid treatments are well known and have long been widely used in tissue repair to treat general wounds, ulcers, bedsores, and for the topical treatment of burns.

Fidia has developed a unique and exclusive project, based on high-tech, hyaluronan-based bioactive treatments to manage acute and chronic lesions, a disabling pathology that is becoming increasingly common, as life expectancy lengthens and chronic, disabling conditions increase as a result.

Joint care and wound care are the fields in which the Company has been active longest.

Hyaluronic acid, ever a star component of the company's portfolio.

Innovative and safe therapies for patients, consumers and healthcare providers.


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Key Business Areas

Fidia operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific, innovative treatments for commonly occurring pathologies with major socio-economic impact, namely:

- joint care
- ophthalmology
- active wound care
- neuroscience
- aesthetic medicine