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Fidia is part of the P&R Group, ranked among the leading Italian groups in the chemical sector, with a long tradition of top-quality products.

The Group is mainly involved in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of finished dosage forms and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry. The Group's main objective is to provide clients and customers worldwide with high-quality products, ensuring the highest standards in production, environmental concerns and commercial reliability.

Over the last 30 years, the Group has reinforced its international reach and reputation, through partnerships with local distributors and wholly-owned subsidiaries, thereby generating about 750 million Euros revenues (2017 forecast), over 80% in foreign markets. P&R Group employs over 2.800 people globally (increased by 65% in 5 years), distributed between the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. P&R Holding's daily business is determined by the following core values and principles:
  • High Quality
  • Innovative Technological Expertise
  • Competitiveness in R&D
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Focus on Human Resources
  • Responsible Partnership

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The Companies part of the Fidia Pharma Group

Fidia and its partners commercialize their products worldwide, either through commercial agreements with selected companies in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors or with a direct presence in specific, strategic markets such as USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Middle East. The Group has other members besides Fidia Farmaceutici s.p.a., all reinforcing its marketing potential:

P&R Holding was established in 2006

Headquartered in Rodano (Milan, Italy)


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Key Business Areas

Fidia operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific, innovative treatments for commonly occurring pathologies with major socio-economic impact, namely:

- joint healthcare
- ophthalmology
- wound care
- dermatology
- neurology
- dermo-aesthetics