Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is intended to serve as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of P&R Group workers.

This Code was prepared to clearly and comprehensively define the values which inspire the companies of the P&R Group (hereinafter the "P&R Group" or the "Group") in reaching their goals.

Its compliance is essential for the proper operation, reliability, reputation and image of the Group, which are the fundamentals for the success and for the current and future development of the businesses operated by Group Companies.

Accordingly, the Group's businesses must comply with the principles established in this Code of Ethics.

The P&R Group recognizes the importance of ethical and social responsibility in trading and in corporate operations, and is committed to respect the legitimate interests of its stakeholders and of the communities in which it lives and works. At the same time, it asks its staff and all those who cooperate in running the businesses of Group companies' full compliance with company's policies and principles established in this Code.

In no case exceptions are taken to the rules stated in this Code of Ethics, and the Group shall never consider effective or efficient an action, albeit aimed to reach business objectives, which involves such an exception. Such actions are indeed incompatible with corporate values.


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Key Business Areas

Fidia operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific, innovative treatments for commonly occurring pathologies with major socio-economic impact, namely:

- joint healthcare
- ophthalmology
- wound care
- dermatology
- neurology
- dermo-aesthetics