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Our innovation

We have been committed to research and development since 1946, in order to offer integrated, effective and safe products and services to doctors, patients, and global partners, with the best cost-benefit ratio. At our plants we work every day towards high quality and technological competence, focusing on our human capital, our ideas and our values.

Our innovation with Hyaluronic Acid

We continue to innovate with this molecule, gradually establishing ourselves in the field of regenerative medicine.

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Research and Development

The importance of research: our approach, the most important patents, our clinical trials.

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Regenerative Care

New horizons, which are now a reality, to counteract aging or loss of function of certain body tissues.

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Fully Integrated Company

This means that we are able to cover the entire product life cycle – from early discovery to manufacturing and marketing.

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Our expertise

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Our manufacturing and research plants

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Abano Terme

This is where most of our production takes place. Opened in 1978, this manufacturing hub today represents a centre of excellence in global pharmaceutical manufacture.


Dedicated to research projects aimed at optimising processes for the development of enzymes, proteins and polysaccharides.
More recently, our Noto laboratories have been dedicated to the production of Hyaluronic Acid using biotechnological processes.

Paderno Dugnano

Our site in Paderno Dugnano specialises in the development and production of dermal and oral drug-delivery systems for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Monte Giberto

At our site in Monte Giberto we package food supplements (capsules and tablets) and produce sterile single-use gauze for periocular hygiene.

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Our commitment on Investigator Initiated Studies

Fidia is willing to support Investigator-Initiated Studies in countries where this is compatible with applicable local regulations.

Investigator Initiated Studies are studies designed, initiated, conducted and managed under the full responsibility of a non-Fidia investigator in compliance with applicable regulations to ensure the data protection rights, safety and wellbeing of patients. The Investigator is the Sponsor of the study in which Fidia can provide financial or non-financial support.

We strongly believe in supporting Investigator Initiated Studies with the purpose to improve patients’ health and quality of life and better understand the risk/benefit profile of the products, as well as to evaluate new clinical opportunities and unmet medical needs.
Fidia Farmaceutici may provide the Investigator with financial and/or non-financial support such as product supply, material and/or services.
Fidia Farmaceutici has no role in the planning or conduct of the study but supports the Investigators in pursuing their own research interests, which are of scientific merit and promote legitimate research goals.

Investigators are invited to submit their proposal through this request form.
Investigator will be informed about the outcome and should Fidia Farmaceutici be interested in the concept submitted, the investigator will be contacted and invited to submit further details and a final protocol on the Investigator Initiated Study in order to be considered for full approval.