Fidia strengthens its position in ophthalmology with a new strategic partnership in Italy

The Italian Group has announced a new commercial agreement with the multinational company Novartis for high-level products

Fidia has recently announced a new commercial partnership with the Italian subsidiary of Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, that involves some ophthalmic and ENT products, including two “gold standards” for the topical treatment of eye disorders.

"This operation," said Carlo Pizzocaro, President and CEO of Fidia Farmaceutici, "will help reinforce the existing partnership between Novartis and Fidia, established with the acquisition of three ophthalmic products on the Spanish market from Novartis Spanish subsidiary, and will offer Fidia the opportunity to strengthen its leading position in the Italian ophthalmic market segment. Our objective is to expand the company’s market position and worldwide presence, supported by its know-how and leadership in the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products in ophthalmology".

The acquired products

The acquired portfolio includes reference products in the local treatment of ocular inflammation and infection, namely an ophthalmic ointment that combines an antibiotic and a steroid, and eye drops indicated for allergic conjunctivitis, market leaders in Italy.

The agreement

According to this new agreement with Novartis, Sooft Italia, the company active in the ophthalmic sector and part of Fidia group, will distribute these products in Italy.
The acquisition of Sooft in 2017 has enabled Fidia, who was active in the eye care segment in previous years, to strengthen its position and consolidate its know-how in ophthalmology, to expand its range of products and treatments for eye diseases, as well as reinforce its position in this area through important operations, such as the partnership with Novartis, world leader in Eye Care, and other agreements with leading companies in Italy and worldwide.

The international development

This operation is part of a process to strengthen the presence of Fidia in the national and international ophthalmology market, especially in Europe and the META region (Middle East, Turkey and Africa). Fidia’s international successful expansion has also involved the recent establishment of new wholly-owned subsidiaries in France and Egypt, one of the most important and promising markets in Africa.


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