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Fidia's Commitment on World Menopause Day 


October 18th is World Menopause Day, a day dedicated to celebrating women living this phase of their life. Fidia’s mission today is to raise awareness about menopause and provide crucial support for enhancing women’s health and overall well-being.

While menopause is indeed a natural physiological stage in a woman’s life, it can be quite challenging to adapt to the changes it brings, given the potential presence of up to 48 different symptoms.(1)

Fidia stands in solidarity with all women going through menopause and, in line with today’s theme of “Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases in Menopause,” we aim to underline the significance of prevention.

Approximately 50% of women under the age of 60 suffer from hypertension, which is one of the significant risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases.(2)

Why are cardiovascular diseases more frequent in women?

Oestrogen decrease, which is a characteristic condition of menopause, has a notable impact on cardiovascular health. This is because oestrogen serves not only as a reproductive hormone but also plays a crucial role in regulating the dilation of blood vessels and facilitating optimal blood flow through the heart.(3)

Furthermore, an oestrogen deficiency that arises during early menopause, typically occurring between the ages of 40 and 45 in approximately 5% of women, is associated with an even greater risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.(4)

Additionally, various symptoms commonly attributed to menopausal conditions, such as headaches, insomnia, and hot flashes, can also be triggered by hypertension.(2)

For these very reasons, Fidia aims to engage with women on World Menopause Day, speaking directly to their hearts. We want to emphasize the five key aspects for fostering a healthy lifestyle and promoting cardiovascular well-being, as outlined by the IMS (International Menopause Society:

  • Abstaining from smoking
  • Engaging in consistent physical activity
  • Adopting a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Sustaining a healthy weight
  • Ensuring an adequate amount of sleep

Fidia invites all women to consult their gynecologists to learn more about safeguarding their heart health.


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