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Fidia's measures and initiatives in response to the covid-19 emergency

The company has undertaken extensive safety measures for its employees straight after the outbreak, while ensuring continuity of operations and production

The company has undertaken extensive safety measures for its employees straight after the outbreak, while ensuring continuity of operations and production

bano Terme (PD), May 5th 2020 – Fidia, Italian multinational company, with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales capabilities, and an extensive product portfolio mainly based on Hyaluronic Acid, is deeply committed to providing all the necessary support in response to the current situation with COVID-19, including various initiatives aimed at the company’s employees. Fidia has immediately stepped up in response to the COVID-19 emergency, also considering the local proximity to one of the epicenters of the outbreak in Italy; the company has put in place appropriate precautionary measures to ensure the employees’ safety and health and prevent any risk of contamination, while maintaining continuity of its manufacturing capacity in order to ensure the well-being of its patients.

«In this unprecedented global health crisis, we remain committed towards our employees, our community, our patients and healthcare professionals, and have come up with various initiatives to provide additional support in this evolving situation» – says Carlo Pizzocaro, Fidia’s CEO. – We are facing numerous challenges during this health emergency, and all necessary actions and steps have been taken to guarantee the continuity of production as safely as possible. A special thanks goes to our hard-working people, in Italy and from around the globe, we are deeply grateful for the effort they put in their work every single day. The general context will keep changing and we are moving in the right direction, ready for what comes next. Fidia has strong local roots and for this reason, we will keep supporting important local initiatives, a message of hope for the future to come».

Personal Protection Equipment, smart working, insurance

The company has provided the workers with Personal Protection Equipment adequate to the individual professional risk level and ensured social distancing rules are obeyed in the workplace; in addition, it has installed checkpoints that allow employees to do voluntary self-monitoring of their temperature, it has implemented the concept of “agile working”, favoring smart working, and has activated an insurance policy for all employees, up to December 31, 2020.

Fidia has also considered the application of the Ordinary Redundancy Fund for a limited period of time, with the company granting the percent of the lost part of wage. Other similar mechanisms will be considered in the other countries.

«The safety and health of its employees is Fidia’s primary concern; the company has applied all necessary measures to keep people at work safely and make sure it is well-prepared to respond to any COVID-19-related emergency – says Gianluca Magnani, Fidia’s Corporate HR Director. – As the company navigates this unprecedented situation, we are confident the new ways of working we have implemented will help us figuring out how to stay on task in a new environment: the smart work mode, for instance, has accelerated the company’s digitalization process».

Support to doctors, healthcare professionals and patients

Fidia’s commitment in identifying successful treatment options that benefit patients, doctors and healthcare professionals has enabled the company to carry out or support a number of initiatives in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Among these, the telehealth project of the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine ‘’Sleeping at the time of coronavirus”, the editorial initiative ‘’Coronavirus, the impact of lockdown on sleep quality’’, the distribution of the free e-book “Handbook of Covid-19 – Prevention and Control“.

In addition, Fidia has shared free contents on its social media – articles, information and video- for patients.

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