Fidia announces the arrival of Trinov Anti-hair loss Lotion

Fidia Farmaceutici held a press conference last week, to announce the imminent release of the Trinov Anti-hair loss Lotion to Italian pharmacies. Designed to contrast hair loss in women and men, the Anti-hair loss Lotion is based on an innovative patented formula consisting of phospholipid liposomes containing:
a soy-derived isoflavonoid, able to counteract the production of Dihydrotestosterone, DHT (major responsible for hair loss);
an omega-6 series fatty acid, precursor of prostaglandin E1, which stimulates microcirculation and tissue trophism
a derivative of the amino acid carnitine, with a known energizing action
Trinov Anti-hair loss Lotion will be available at Italian pharmacies in the next few weeks, in two formulations, Anti-hair loss lotion Woman and Anti-hair loss lotion Man.

Cosmetic treatment indicated to counteract hair loss and thinning


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